Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow in Texas

I'm a wimp. 

I know it and I'll say it again... I'm a wimp. All of y'all who are up north will look at me in disbelief when I tell you this, but I will repeat that I live in Texas, I'm hardly adapted to this at all.

It has been cold, wet, and we have had lots of ice and snow. I'm going crazy drowning in my cabin fever craziness. 

I guess I use snow as a lose based term. We have had some fluffiness that is rare in Texas, I have enjoyed that part, but it is mostly just ice in disguise. I like the idea of snow. Fluffy and pretty, all ready to roll up into balls to throw, or maybe build a snow man. Scarfs and mittens and red noses in a picturesque seen of white. I like the idea of cuddling up inside in front of the fire with hot cocoa. We actully did get a day where this was the case. Dreamy and lovely.

Maybe when Raz is older and we can bundle up to go play and frolic like penguins I will enjoy this rare occurrence more. But for now I would give anything for beautiful fall or spring weather (not to found of overly hot summer come to think of it. Is their no pleasing me?) After-all this snow for the most part is just lots and lots of ice!

I really miss going on long walks and laying on a blanket in the grass with Blip! But we have been making the best of it. Snow is pretty to look at after all! Especially from the upstairs window that overlooks all the beautiful homes in my neighborhood covered in white powder/white ice. We enjoy watching it as we lay on a soft blanket and play on the floor all afternoon. Maybe it is not all bad. It is pretty. And Gus and I did have fun taking Blip out to explore for a few minutes. He was adorable all bundled up.

Stay warm!

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