About Us

Bounce Me to the Moon' is the blog of one women who found happiness and fulfillment as a stay at home mom! It shows the adventures, and often mishaps, of a geeky family in an urban jewelry box.

That little family is us; and that women is me! Choc full of yummy recipes, natural parenting stories, activity's, product reviews, chemical free cleaning advice,crafts, and rants of an eco-friendly odd ball! Plus anything else that happens to tickle me that day.

Not from concentrate and far from perfect! I usually blog one handed while breastfeeding or co napping with my little one so excuse any excessive "cuflunks" and typos!


 Meet Me

Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Bethy and I'm a funny, geeky, creative, and slightly silly quirky girl. I'm a stay at home mom and spend my days playing with my baby (AKA Blip), crafting, cooking, beating my husband at video games, and enjoying life's little pleasures. I love frilly dresses with vintage aprons and they are often adorned with a white burp cloth thrown casually over one shoulder and probably my baby all tangled up in his wrap carrier over all that. I live in a cute historic neighborhood located in a big urban city in a rented duplex in the hopes of saving up to buy a quirky cottage of our own one day.

Meet My Little Blip

Happy, active, and funny little Blip is my little one! He was born at the end of May 2010. He loves our bright curtains, kittys, outside, getting into everything,  and being in his wrap! He really is everything I could have wanted and more.

Meet my Geeky Husband, Gustuf

Gus is the geekiest, funniest, and sweetest husband around. He has more random video game knowledge then anyone I've ever met. He also knows tons of random smart facts about randomness. Gus is quirky and really surprises you. He can be total business one second and the next a silly mess. He is a wonderful musician and writes silly songs about fighting aliens and robots. He wrote the song I walked down the aisle and then to top it off pulled out his acoustic at our reception to serenade me with 500 Miles By the Proclaimers.  And did I mention sweet, no lie. He comes home from work and still helps out around the house, kisses me, pets the kittys, and plays with Blip.  He's super man.... I'm one lucky girl!!

Meet Tribble and Toggle

These are our kittys. The white and grey is Tribble. She seems a bit stuck up when you meet her, but she is actually really sweet and loyal. When she was younger she would actually go on walks with us on a leash and loved it! But now she just follows us, no leash needed. Despite the love for walks she is very cat like and enjoys sleeping in our bed, watching Raz play, sitting in laps, and being petted.

Toggle is the orange. He is very clumsy and so very sweet. He acedently knocks every thing in his path down. He has a very high piched girly meow and useis it excesevly to get his way. He enjoys laying outside in the sun, chirping at birds, laying on top the TV, being let out into the laundry room, and of course being petted.

They are very clouse and can often be found laying in the window cleaning each other.


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