Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneak a Snack: Red Peppers + Gas Stove = Delicious and eye rolling (in a sexy way) good!

Sometimes I just need something hot, steamy, and sinful.

You know what I mean Ladies?

And those times are when I want to roast some red peppers! They can give me everything I desire.

I have a love affair with my gas stove. When we were looking for a new home to rent I actually turned one down based solely on the fact that it had an electric stove top. I just can't bring myself to not have actual fire to cook on. Sure I could roast my peppers in the oven, but there is something about roasting right over fire.

I like to cut mine in half first, but sometimes I just do them whole. I then turn my stove way up and set that delicious red pepper in the flames. I do mine on the grate, but you can also just set it in the fire! Then I roast tell black, turning as needed.

Once black on all sides I put my peppers in a container to steam. A  paper bag, glass bowl with plastic wrap, or tight Tupperware all work well.  Let steam for around 30 minutes before taking out and removing the black parts. I never wash under water since I think it takes away some of the smoky taste. And there you go, you have a sinful treat.

I love mine in hummus, pasta or on sandwiches, so good. Blip also enjoys them since they are soft and perfect for BLW! I love finding the prfect peper at the market and using it for a snack. You can also pack in oil and garlic to store, but I never get this far, I have to eat them NOW!


  1. I looooooooooooove roasted peppers .... love it!

    I am new to your blog :) I have given you an award, (specifically for recently found blogs!) ... I hope that you enjoy and it can be found ....

  2. MoonNStar,

    Awww you are so sweet, Thanks you! Your Blog is lovely and red peppers are amazing I do agree



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