Monday, January 31, 2011

Ode to My Mom

Naturally my mom can annoy me. It is a circle that life must follow. My grandma annoys my mom, my mom annoys me, and one day I will annoy Blip. In fact sometimes I think I annoy him now, he already has a look that says "hey mom your annoying!" I figure he will have it down perfect by the time he is a teenager. It is the way life goes.

My mom and I are also very different. A great example is that my mom has probably never been on time in her life. She was even a few hours late to her wedding with her now husband, who by marrying her is now destined to be late to everything as well. I on the other hand have something that could be described as severe as a phobia of not being on time. I panic if we are even 5 minutes late to an appointment. I'm always early and everywhere. Something left over from my days in color guard and marching band I guess, 'If you are early you are on time, if you are on time your late'. It could also be a survival mechanism of living with my mom, turtles have their shells and I have to be early so it combats with her lateness. Who knows.  

But despite all the differences, my mom and me are actually a lot alike in a total opposite way. We both sound just a like when we talk and we disagree about things while sounding exactly alike all at once. I'm a lot more like her then I once thought.

Sometimes she can be over worried and to opinionated but now that I'm a mom as well I understand it more. No matter how old I am I will always be her baby. I'm an only child and therefor her only baby at that.

When I was pregnant and first had Blip it was an exciting time for her. But being a grandma (or Nana Bird as we call her) can be a bit of a rough spot as well because you want to help your baby with her baby while also letting her learn and develop her own way to nurture her baby. It took us both some adjusting to our new roles.

I will say now I'm very proud of her and I appreciate her more then ever. She has learned to balance helping and just stepping back and letting me do my thing and enjoying the outcome, a happy grandson. I actually find myself wanting to talk to my mom more and hear her reaction to things now that we have a new common link, we are both moms. I feel she is proud of who I am and that means a lot to me. I understand her so much more now.

She is on the road and at 4'9 (or 4'10 in the right shoes) is a women truck driver. So watch out on the roads! I think that is really cool. I look forward to when she comes home once a month for a break from the truck to visit us. She is a great Nana and I know Blip means the world to her.

Mom I'm very proud how far you have come.

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  1. What a super sweet post :) Sounds like you and your mom have a great relationship... sound a lot like me and my mom! LOL



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