Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OH POOP.... all over my bed.... and my baby...

The stars aligned today! They rotated and rotated and decided to come into a pretty straight stop all so I could experience this wonderful moment in motherhood. All those shiny stars were just so sweet to give me TONS OF POOP...ON MY BED!

Sheets in the washer....CHECK
Diapers in the dryer....CHECK
Freshly bathed baby ....CHECK
Diaper free Baby........CHECK
Sleepy baby ............CHECK
The need to Poo.........CHECK

It was all there. If only he had a diaper on or my bed had sheets. Maybe the poo could have waited? Just one thing to make this mess not happen or be easier to clean up. And yet I just spent way longer then I'd like to admit cleaning poop of the mattress.

Ok, now that you think I'm crazy here is the recipe for disaster, I know you are dieing to try it:

You start off with a just bathed baby.

Roll the dice and move upstairs...draw a card.

You make the grand discovery that we are out of diapers. No problem, our baby often goes diaper less! I can usually tell before he goes to the bathroom and can make a catch! It is a rush dare I say!

OH NO, go back two spaces, your sheets are in the washer.

Lay baby down on a small towel on the bed anyways. Move a few spaces and go grab a clean diaper. Draw a card...

Baby is asleep when you come back! Wait a turn and tidy up nearby so I can keep an eye on him.

Roll the dice and move a few spaces and you smell a smell. Come back to square one and you see it! YOU LOSE THE GAME!!!!

POOP! Blip had rolled off his towel and was laying there with poop all over my mattress, his feet, and his butt.

I am just going to say it.. It was everywhere!!! I was right there in the same room and yet it snuck by me unnoticed. It was a poop -paloza!

I hope it made you smile and now I'm officially the mom who tells everyone about her child's poop...

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  1. Hugs to you! Sorry about the mess, but thanks for sharing the smiles. :) You are not alone: http://dulcefamily.blogspot.com/2011/01/yuck-yuck-yuck.html



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