Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breastmilk is so fasinating!

Breastfeeding is naturally fascinating to me as a breastfeeding mama. I find it so amazing that we can produce something for our baby that gives them complete nutrition.I recently came across this link that mentions the property's in breastmilk could be different depending on if you are feeding a boy or girl baby. We already knew each mom would produce breastmilk enriched with what their own child needed most therefor having a blend all their own, but this is interesting that the sex would matter. How about moms that have twins of different genders or tandem nurse?
The link

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  1. VERY interesting! This is something I had not heard about. I would have the same questions as you do along with what about expressed donated milk? Hmmm.. Thanks for giving me something to ponder today. :)



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