Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yarn Christmas Tree Balls

Gus and I have lived together for a few years and yet have never had a Christmas tree of our own. We would always get busy or something would happen. This year is our first! I love it. It is so relaxing cuddling in front of a tree with twinkling lights. I vow to always put one up every year from this year forward!

Anyways, we started the tradition of making our tree decorations. A very fun way to spend an evening. I have lots of leftover yarn and since knitting and crocheting is not my strong suit I decided to use some of it to make little yarn balls for our tree. They are so cute and SUPER fast and easy.

All you need is yarn and a crochet hook.

Step one- Make a loop with your yarn and tie it off.

Step 2- Slip the loop over your finger and start wrapping yarn around. I did about two layers of yarn on my first digit for smaller balls. You can adjust the size if you want biger ones.

Step 3- Slip yarn off your finger. You now want to wrap the yarn around those loops you made. The best way to describe it is you are closing the loops together and making a pod shape!      

Step 4- Start wrapping yarn around, concentrating on making a ball shape. Once it is big enough make sure you like the pattern the yarn makes on your last layer.

Step 5- Push the crochet hook through the top portion of the ball and hook the excess yarn and pull through.
You know have a loop to hang if from the tree. Tie it off and cut off excess yarn.

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