Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Sunshine: Thank You for kissing me in the morning

Song of the Week 

When Gus opens he gets up while Blip and I are still asleep usually. He gets dressed and by the time he is about to walk out the door we are usually waking up, breastfeeding, or cuddling in bed. He never calls bye from downstairs or just leaves. He always comes back up stairs and kisses us bye.

Even before Blip was born it was something he would always do. Morning kisses and soft murmurs of "Good Morning Sunshine" are like coffee to me. It starts my day off and wakes me up.

What I love even more then the simple gesture is when Gus closes or is off work and we wake up as a family. Before Blip was born mornings off work were a romantic thing, I will always cherish them. Now they are a sweet family tradition.

We play and cuddle in bed for up to an hour. Not secluded alone, but still romantic in a way to watch as the man I love more then anything plays with our son that we created together and pauses to kiss me and whisper those sweet words in my ear, "Good Morning Sunshine".

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