Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Sunshine: Here comes the do do do

Song of the week: Lasso by Phoenix

Last night was a rough night.Blip is teething and you can feel a sharp ridge on the bottom gum. While the tooth is yet to be seen I am certain it is about to make a debut. My usually amazing sleeper ended up spending most the night in Gus's arms or attached to me for comfort breastfeeding. We had lots of tears from baby, and maybe even some from mommy. A cranky over tired baby can have a painfully bad latch. OW!

You dread those nights. They are long and a blur of over tired crying and your own clumsy attempts to comfort. It is funny though, after the teething hell we were in last night I was still greeted by Blips beautiful, and still toothless, grin as the sun rose outside our window.

Bad night or not, the past evening hours suddenly seemed unimportant. Some say I'm lame and over syntamental, I say Blip is teaching me a lesson that I wished I would have learned earlier. Those tiny beatiful moments are worth every obsiticle.

Last night was hard, there is no sugar coating it. But we stayed by our little ones side and were rewarded by alkl the happyness in that early momrning second.

And who knows how much longer that toothless grin will be toothless...

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