Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raising loving boys and an article recomendation.

I recently came across this article: How to Raise the Men we'd want to marry.

I really enjoyed it!

Gus is very sweet and sensitive. I have always loved and admired this about him. He has so much respect and love for me and has no qwims showing it. When we were dating he shared his hopes and dreams with me on the beach. On our wedding day he cried as he read the heart felt vowels he wrote himself. He was never to embarrassed to carry on conversations with my baby belly. And he showed the fullest range of emotions when our son was born. He had tears as he laughed excitedly the first time he held him. And even now he never pulls out his "man card" and insists on wearing Blip in public and singing silly songs. He is what I believe a real man is. Faithful, sweet, and ever loving.

Good job Mother in Law! You raised the perfect husband for me!

And yet some people still feel Blip needs more "macho" influences in his life. It makes me so sad and a bit angry! What is wrong with raising a boy to have feelings and be a caring person. I hope my little one grows up to be sweet and loving, just like his daddy.

And I defiantly won't mind him being attached to his mama of course.

I want my son to never feel the need to hide how he feels. I want him to know I will support his dreams. From being a cook, ballet dancer, football player, or poet I think it is all great! He does not have to show an interest in something just because of his sex or even that his parents like it. He is free to decide what he loves despite gender norms and expectations.

And I hope the people around us respect that and realize that there is nothing wrong with a boy who can be honest about what his heart says. In fact there is everything right about it.

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