Monday, November 1, 2010

Blips first Halloween

Just look at how cute Blip was in his Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

Blip's first Halloween was wonderful. It was simple, but perfect. And how could an evening go wrong when it started with a a walk around our amazing and festive neighborhood? I felt Blip was to young for Trick or Treating so we decided to pay our dues and hand out candy. The cats stayed outside with us and enjoyed being petted by tons of kids in amazing costumes. We ended up at a neibors house by thetime it was said and done. Have I mentioned how much I'm in love with my neiborhood? It is so fun and our neibors are amazing pepole.

After Blip was in bed Gus and I ended the night with apple cider, way to much candy, and a scary movie.

And a pact.... next year we will go ALL OUT for Halloween. So hold us to that....

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