Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My dear little blog...

 My dear little blog,

Sorry I have had such a long break from blogging. Blip has been going through an an extra clingy stage. but I won't lie that he has been a blast and maybe a part of me has been having to much fun with his new found interest in playing and laughing at the least little thing i do to sit down and come here. At any rate my dear little blog, I have not forgot about you.

It's October and I wish I could say that the days are getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors. But unfortantly I live in Texas and that is not the case. The days are still muggy and hot and I have yet to see an ubundance of beatiful colored leaves like pepole always associate with fall. We have had a few cooler mornings. I call it a fluke...a ploy to get me to hand wash all my sweaters, knitted knee high socks, and scarfs without any hope of wearing them yet.

Life with a 4 month old is interesting. You watch as suddenly they can grab ahold of everything including your new glasses. They want to lay on a mat and practice all sorts of things, gaining more independence with each movmnet . But they cry the second they can not see you. I've been enjoying playing games and watching his face light up and break into the huge smile that I love. Befor I had Blip I thought babies were a bit boring and toddlers were so fun. I'm learning what is really fun is watching every single stage!

He is deffintly going through a mama phase. He wants me nearby all the time to cheer him on as he learns to hold things up, attempts a very wiggly tripod sit, and rolls all around now. But when daddy is home he is a complets daddys boy. He will play with Gus for hours, every once in awhile making sure I'm still nearby. Gus and him are so clouse and I could not be more happy about that.

My little unpopular blog, I'm going to try to come back here more regulary. I want to share with you how special each day is.

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