Thursday, September 23, 2010

Products to Hug and Squeeze: California Baby Baby Wash

Dear Baby Shampoo Makers,

My little one has perfectly smooth milky skin. I see from all your commercials that it seems to be a baby trade mark. So why is it that many of you overload our babies skin with chemicals and who knows what other crazy ingredients? Don't you know that new skin is sensitive and pure is best? Loco baby shampoo makers, keep it fresh, simple, and natural just like our wee ones silly and beautiful smiles!

Love and Regards,
A Nurturing Mommy

I know a lot about sensitive skin. I have severe eczema and issues that make my legs break out in yucky sores. Bug bites get infected easily and the dry skin has to be slathered with heavy creams to keep my legs looking smooth. I don't think Blip inherited my alligator skin but I still wanted to use the best just in case. That is where California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash comes in.

Blip may not have got my alligator skin, but he loves water like an alligator. The kid is crazy about bath time and we especially enjoy getting in the bath together to play and get clean as a team. This product is great for both of our skin and let me just rave about the smell! We buy the 'Calming French Lavender' and Blip's hair always smells delicious, people actually commit on it! It is great to have that relaxing smell as an icing on the cake of bath time!

I also love that we can use one product from the tip of the toes to the hair! It keeps skin and hair soft while still getting our messy baby clean. And it does not even brake me out! It is so gentle plus tear free! Must be the organic aloe-vera. It is actually soothing to dry skin unlike soaps. It rocks the natural ingredients in a way that you can't help but dance for.

We buy ours at Target. The pump top makes for an easy and mess free bath. Some may say the price is steep but you are paying for organic and natural ingredents. And in my opinion it streches so far that it ends up not being a huge deal. This wash lasts for what seems like forever!

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