Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Counter Top/ All purpose spray.

A few years ago we slowly started converting from chemical cleaning supplies to more natural options. In this time I found out I have a love affair with baking soda and vinegar. It cleans just about anything.

I also fell in love with Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies. A more expensive option, but AMAZING and wonderful. To this day I love the smells and natural ingredients. By the time we got pregnant with Blip we had switched to a very natural way of cleaning, and vowed to never go back to chemicals.

We recently decided to try Dr. Brooners. I had read rave reviews about how the soap could be used fo lots of different things. It smelled just as amazing as our costly Mrs. Meyers so I decided to experiment a bit. I came up with the best counter top/ all purpose spray that I love. It cuts through grime and is a natural, but powerful! Plus it is so easy.

I used a 16 oz spray bottle. For the sake of recycling and reusing I washed out an old Mrs. Meyers bottle!

1 Tbs Dr. Brooners
1/2 Tbs vinegar
Water (I just filled my bottle most the way up).

It works amazing and cost next to nothing to make. I but my Dr. Brooners at central market (I love the lavender) and even the small bottles really stretch out. One tablespoon barely made a dent in my bottle!

For the record I still would recommend Mrs. Meyers and I found it cheaper on Amazon. I like my Dr. Brooners a bit better, but both are great products!

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