Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Sunshine: Thankful

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day with my Mother in law. We had great conversation and amazing food. Blip got lots of interaction with family including his great grandmother and three of his aunts and one uncle. Plus two of his cousins. Blip and my youngest nephew are 3 months apart (Blip being the youngest of 5 grandchildren on Gus's side) and it amazes me how fascinated they are with each other. They will touch each other, babble, and actually interact. And of course chew on each other! My youngest nephew just started scooting and it is exciting to think soon they will both be getting around and into everything. Thanksgiving with a child is the best!

I am thankful for so much this year. I'm thankful for my amazing husband and my sweet child. I'm thankful for all the love and support we have. And I'm also thankful that I am learning to enjoy all of life's little pleasures. I'm a lucky women.

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