Monday, November 15, 2010

Lovely Unique Toys for your little one.... Stick and Stack!

Now that Blip is beginning to enjoy interacting with objects he has actually been attempting to play with toys. I know he will soon be sitting up and his world will suddenly be even more exciting. With this milestone looming very near Gus and I have been enjoying browsing for toys online. Also Christmas is near and Grandparents have been asking for suggestions. We are wanting to get him a small, but nice collection of toys that are hopefully made well and he can enjoy in many ways. Here are a few of the stacking toys that I think are nice options for us.

My First Stacker - By Green Toys

I am usually not a fan of plastic toys for many reasons. Naturally one of those is the usual fear of BPA's and the fact that plastic can be a bit sketchy when it comes to the environment. But the other reason is that I have met many kids, and those kids end up with many broken plastic toys. They are not always durable. And with my clumsiness I'm partial to the idea of toys being strong enough to withstand mommy tripping over them. Some toys I make the exception. These are BPA and PVC free. And to add to it they were made in USA and are made from recycled milk jugs. They look like they may be strong enough to with stand out home aswell. And all this is on top of it being a fun looking toy that works on some amazing developmental things!

Large Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toy- Imaginationkids on Etsy

I must be on a stacker kick since I'm also in love with this rainbow stacker! The bright rainbow paint is not only bold and happy but also non toxic. I'm just a sucker for home made wood toys. This one is crafted by a homeschooling mama.  It is made with substantially harvested wood and extra care is put into it being natural and safe. I like that it not only helps with the basic developmental stacking, but also the imagination! As the kids grow older the rainbow can be used as a tunnel, a cave, or whatever the imagination decides. They also sell a smaller version of this toy. 

Natural Assorted Blocks

Wood blocks are a basic. This pack not only has basic square blocks, but also egg shape, egg cup, cone, cylinders, and rectangles. 21 blocks in all. Once again I choose the blocks that are made by craft-er. These bright blocks are painted with non toxic watercolors. They are all big enough to give to tethers even! I like the idea of buying the whole set, but starting your little one off with only a few cubes. This way you can surprise them randomly with another shape once they get the hang of what they have.

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