Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kid Friendly Home: Floor Nook

I really love the idea of a Montessori inspired home where a child has a place that fits them versus struggling to learn in a world that is always to big. We have been keeping this in mind while we have been turning our home into a baby friendly environment.

So, in addition to the usual childproofing, we are include a special spot for Blip in each room.

One of our first ways to bring this idea into our home was to make Blip a Floor nook in our living room. It is simple and looks really cute. The nook is perfect for tummy time and we also use it to cuddle while reading or breastfeeding. We even can let him nap there if needed.

We started off with a comfy blanket and added some pillows that I made from old receiving blankets. I liked the idea of placing it by our bookshelf. All the lower shelves in our home are being saved for Blips things or room appropriate objects that he can play with. 

This corner has 3 felt baskets for toys. Right now a favorite game is the "Cloth Game", so one basket has cloth scraps. We also put a bunch of baby safe instruments (mostly wood) in another basket. He can hold some and shake, but we mostly use them to make noise ourselves to entertain him. The middle basket has actual toys such as a tethers and some link some rings. 

The important part is to keep the toys interesting for your little one! One day I hope to have some wood blocks to keep in one, along with some cloth balls in another. Defiantly once he starts to get into toys. 

At this age he also loves to snuggle. So we added some awesome baby safe plushes! You can't go wrong with an Elobit and Yoshi! He loves them. 

I'm hoping to add a tiny book sling or basket with board books and maybe some low art behind the floor nook for his viewing pleasure. 

A floor nook is a nice way to give your baby a specail space in the family room! 

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