Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday : Sign with baby

We were at a restaurant with my mom this week and our waitress spotted me signing something to Blip. She went on to say how interesting it is. What a welcome and refreshing change from the usual "look at that crazy women" looks I usually get!

I really love the idea of being able to communicate with Blip before he can talk. I love that signing makes me slow down as we go through daily activities. While I am remembering to slow down to talk with my hands I also am reminded to slow down and talk with my mouth as well! It is fun, and while we have not yet got to see the signing back I look forward to the day that we do. 

We have a handful or two of ASL signs that we use daily. Anytime we say the word while doing the action or seeing the object it gets a sign. Babies don't tend to wrap their minds around the ideas of past or future tense. So for now we try to keep it present.

Our Word List:

Daddy -  "Daddy loves you", "Daddy is holding you", Daddy loves playing with you"
Use while daddy is holding him or he is looking at him! 

Mommy   -  "Mommy loves you", "Mommy  is holding you", "Mommy is kissing you"
Use while mommy is holding him or he is looking at her!

Finished/All Done  -  "We are finished eating", "We are finished nursing"
Use when you are done with something and just about to stop and move on to the next thing.

More  - "Do yo want more yogurt?"
Use when you are offering more!

Eat - "Lets eat!", Do you want to eat?", You are eating broccoli"
Use when you are feeding or about to feed. Or while they are chewing!

Milk- "I love giving you milk." , "Do you like milk?" ,"Time for milk!"
Use at the beginning of a nursing session or when you are about to give a bottle and during the session.

Drink - "You are drinking water!" 
Use when offering a cup or sippy and while they are using it.

Bathroom-"Time to use the bathroom"
Use if you notice they are going in their diaper OR if practicing elimination communication and making a catch!

Cat- "The cat loves you!"  "See the cat"
We use when our kitty is playing or near Blip

gentle touch (or soft touch) - "We use soft touch.", "No hitting, soft touch".
Use when redirecting or teaching soft touch.If Blip pinches us or needs to be gentle we sign "soft touch" and gently stroke him or show him how to gently stroke us.

Hurt-"Does you teeth hurt?", "Ow! Did that hurt?"
We try to use this one of know he is having teething pains or accidentally hurts himself.

Change-  "Lets change your diaper", "Time to change your clothes".
Use right after you lay him on the changing table and while you are changing his diaper or clothes. 

Thank You- "Thank You!"
We use it when we say Thank You! 

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