Thursday, December 9, 2010

Products to Hug and Squeeze: Ellaroo Wrap

We all know I am am basking in the baby wearing love. I personally have a weakness for woven wraps. So I bring you, yet another, woven wrap review. This one is on an Ellaroo Elsa.

We were loaned this wrap and Gus immediately fell in love with it. He loves the chocolate colored stripes and the beautiful fringe. And most of all he loves how it wraps. I have no idea how they feel new, but this well loved wrap had broke in beautifully. It is softer and thinner then the Neobulle we previously wrote about. While far from being the softest or thinnest wrap on the market it does feel great. I like the texture and feel it holds a carry well. It also breaths! It is a simple and very versatile wrap. Not necessarily luxurious, but it feels very comfortable and nice to wear. A workhorse wrap, that is stylish and comfy!

Well, it is ours now! We bought it from her and it is now Gus's wrap. I will admit to using it as well. It is a very comfortable wrap, the kind of wrap that is great to wear while cleaning house or grocery shopping. The fabric easily cleans, it is nice and cool, cute and simple! It ties a smaller knot and is easily manipulated, I love it for back carries. We have no major pressure points an Blip seems to live it.

I deem it the perfect husband wrap! Not overly soft and cushy or feminine, easy to wrap, easy to care for, good man color, and comfortable. Gus would probably still wear Blip no matter what we had, but he is very proud of his Ellaroo.

One thing I do dislike is it has no middle marker. This is not a deal beaker because I can put one in my self and it is not to hard to find the middle. But it is nice to have.

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