Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sneak a Snack Sunday: Peach Tea

 Summer is hot. Duh, right? Of course summer is hot, isn't that supposed to be the joy of it. Most crave the humid heat all winter. I'll let you in on a secret, I really don't care for summer much. In high school the heat never bothered me. I would go to band camp and spend all day outside spinning a hot metal pole. The heat was a sticky mess and I found that comforting. My friends and I would spend all day at the lake and driving with the windows down to let the lack of summer Texas air in. Now I'm a stuffy adult and I like being pale! I prefer the perfect colorful fall and despise the sweaty summer. I'm not saying summer is all bad. I mean it does bring peaches!

We go to the local farmers market once every two weeks to buy bulks of fresh fruits and veggies. Summer brings huge bushels of fresh soft peaches. I usually use most these peaches to make a mint fruit salad. I always have a few left over along with some of that fresh mint. And what quiches summer thirst better then iced peach tea?

3 Peaches
2/3 Cup Sugar
2 Handfuls of fresh mint (or less if you don't like heavy mint flavor)
1 Family size black tea bag (like Lipton)
1 Lady Gray tea bag (or you could use another black tea)

Fill 2 regular size sauce pans with water and put both over medium heat.

Wash peaches, Cut peaches in half, remove pits, and chop up.

Put peaches in a cup and use a big fork to mash up and release juices.

When water in one pan  is beginning to get hot add sugar and stir. Once sugar is dissolved add the handfuls of mint and turn down to Low heat.

Continue to let simmer. Once the simmer becomes strong (not full boil)  add peaches.

The second pan needs to come to a boil, turn off, add tea bags. Let everything steep for awhile (I usually do 10 minutes)

Pour tea into a pitcher. Lay a strainer over the pitcher and strain the mint and peach liquid. Use a spoon to make sure all liquid is out of the mixture and discard what is left in the strainer (or compost it!). Stir tea.

Serve over ice.

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