Friday, September 3, 2010

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday : Fun with Cloth

Think about how you feel when you are wearing a thin cool cotton t-shirt versus a thick warm wool sweater. How about a silky party dress versus a scratchy tulle petticoat. Imagine being wrapped in a furry soft blanket and then about a scratchy knitted blanket. Fabric has many textures and is fun to play with. Baby will think so to. 

I started doing this activity with Blip when we were folding clothes. He usally sits on his blanket in his Boppy next to me and I talk to him while I fold. One day I started rubbing diffrent fabrics over him and explaining what they felt like and the colors befor I folded each piece. He seemed to love it so the next day I gathered a big heap of diffrent fabrics and we did it again. It is now a regular game in our house. Perfect for when Blip is in a good mood but not nesseraily in a 'running, jumping, climbing trees' mood. It is also a teaching tool. One day when he is a toddler we can develop this game even further by letting him do it to me and even useing a blind fold and having him guess what fabric it is!

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