Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Products to Hug and Squeeze: Neobulle Woven Wrap

I have a secret weapon, it allows me to go on adventures, vacuum the living room, wash diapers, and spend lots of time with Blip. This top secret weapon is not made out of flashy silver metal, but instead colorful, thick, soft fabric. It is a shape shifter machine; you can use it in so many ways. It allows Blip to fly on my back and zoom around with me. This secret weapon is my Neobulle Woven Wrap!

I have nothing but good things to say about this wrap. It is much stronger then my old Moby Wrap and to top it off it is beatiful! I bought the Manon Rouge color with beatiful bright stripes. It also comes in seveal lengths, I choose 5.2m.

This length may be a bit much for some but I love that I can do just about any carry with it. Like I said it is a shape shifter. I can carry an alert baby on my back, a sleeping baby cuddled close, a nursing baby on my front, and even on my hip.

Some carries, such as single layer carries, result in ton of extra tails. I kind of think the extra tail can be pretty and I don't mind wrapping myself up like a mummy so the fabric does not drag. I tend to lean toward more secure multi layer carries anyways, this length seems perfect for these. If you are more petite or like single layer wraps you can always go smaller.

And it is machine washable! I think this is the most important thing when it comes to standing up to my little mess monster. The last thing you want to be worrying about on an adventure with baby is getting your wrap dirty. 

And to top it off the Neobulle wrap was developed by two French moms. Moms know what moms need. But don't think this is only for mom and baby. Gus loves being tangled up with Blip as well! They sore through comic shops and it is great for farther and son bonding! The wrap is great for sharing since it fits just about anyone. The sizing is all in how you wrap!

I bought my wrap at Piece of cloth. My wrap got here at lightning speed and with free shipping you really can't beat it.

***EDIT: Since trying other wraps I have some things to add.  This wrap is not as soft as some others and can be a bit "beastly" and thick when new. That being said with some washings and wearing in it breaks in nicely. This is not a thin wrap, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what you like. It feels strong and has a very nice texture and weight to it that I enjoy. So while not extremily soft and fluffy it is a nice work horse wrap that holds carries well and has a weighted texture that can be kind of comforting and secure! Great for the person who likes secure, strong, and tough, but still beautiful, wraps! And for reference it does soften up with use.

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