Friday, September 10, 2010

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday : Read

You know those crazy pregnant women who carry on conversations with the baby bump? I was one of them. I would read aloud almost every day to my unborn baby as well! I would read dystrophy novels, articles, fantasy, kids books, blog posts, and basically anything I would normally read to my bump. I wanted to share with unborn Blip all the joys of a good read. I wanted him to hear my voice and know it. I think it was worth it and I would strongly urge all pregnant women to drop their guard and do the same crazy thing.

Now that Blip is born I have kept up the same reading aloud, although it does not seem so crazy now. We have been reading to Blip since day one. I will read him just about anything. I read aloud as I scan through message boards, I read aloud as I read a magazine, I read him novels, comics, and of course kids books. I'm reading him this as I type it.

I break reading down into several "kinds". It may be a geeky phylosiphy that has no scentific merit, or maybe it does...who knows! But I believe in several reading activities all done diffrent ways.

  1. Reading Randomness Aloud. Hearing you talk is a great learning tool for baby. Plus baby just likes to hear your voice. Reading aloud while you read things you enjoy is a great way of introducing words you may not regularly use in a day with baby and helps you get that word count up. Stop occasionally and ask baby a question about what you are reading so they can get a gurgle or two in! It will be more like a conversation with baby and one day your littler one will be able to answer you with words instead of baby grunts.This is a great way to interact with baby while you Blog, scan your favorite message board, read a favorite novel, or magazine.
  2. Reading to Learn. This is where books like 'Huggy Puppy' come in. You know the ones, simple. See Puppy Eat, Puppy Plays, Puppy Sleeps. Maybe this is stupid and pointless but we point to each word in books like this as we read and maybe even sound them our slowly. My 3 month old may be to young to get much out of it but we do it anyways occasionally. If anything slowly pronouncing the words makes fun sounds that will entertain them!
  3. Reading for Fun. Think bright kids books like Dr. Seuss. Pretend you are a kindergarten teacher and sit in front of them with the book facing them so they can see the pictures as you read. Or sit them in your lap. Use fun and over the top voices. Books that rhyme and sound cool will be a favorite. These are probably the books that you will read over and over again once your baby is a toddler. They will probably even one day learn to read with them! 
I know, silly way of theorizing our reading activity. But the honest truth is it really does not mater what or how your read to your baby at this point, it will benefit them. It's a good excuse to snuggle and fun at that! We always read before bed as a family to wind down as apart of Blips bedtime ritual and at least one book in the afternoon for fun! 

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