Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tot School Tuesday : Wood balls, playing in dirt, picnic, colored ice, and exploring the grass


One of Blips favorite toys is his pound and roll bench by kids kraft. This is a great wooden toy that is actually made local for us!  We do so much with this toy, this week Blip has been obsessed with setting the balls in the holes.

We took Blip to a local garden to explore some really nice green grass. He seemed to think it was interesting, but kept trying to walk on his hands and feet instead of crawl, I don't think he knew what to think about the fluffy green grass that is so much longer then ours.At his age experiencing new things is the most important thing I feel I can give him.


I set up a big pot of soil while we were planting our new seed for Blip to explore. I am all for kiddos getting dirty and thought this would be a fun sensory activity. Blip dug right in. I was afraid it would be a constant battle to keep him from eating it, but he only tried to once and after that seemed content to just feel the soil and play.


We also took Blip to the duck pond for a picnic and a walk. He was fascinated with he ducks, he loves animals.

Blip stole my fork so I put some watermelon on it for him to nibble on. He always gets a kick out of things like this. We love picnics in this family, Blip loves the chance to play on the ground while munching fruit and we love being outside and the play time meets meal time it brings.

Gus and I pointed out all the great things to see at the pond. Gus and Blip enjoyed lots of snuggles and we took a nature walk. Blip rode on Gus's shoulders and occasionally got to reach out and feel leaves.


  His favorite activity was painting with colored ice we talked about Friday! This is such a fun activity that we will defiantly be doing lots this summer! Check it out!

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