Monday, May 23, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Bugs In the Garden

Muffin Tin Monday at

    This week we played in the dirt a bit, then we ate bugs! Not the crunchy black beetles, instead we had the culinary delight of pear beetles . YUM YUM YUM!!!!

I decided to use my vintage corn bread pan this week. I like the shallow little textured corn theme compartmnets.

((From left to right))

  • Grass and weeds made from celery  and artichokes.
  • Hummus and whole grain crackers 
  • Ant made from pears (cut in circles), dried cranberry eyes, tiny celery slivers for legs
  • A tiny bit of applesauce and a spoon
  • Beetle made from pears, held together with peanut-butter, with dried cranberry as spots and eyes
  • Applesauce with floating strawberry, watermelon, and pear flower.
  • Another watermelon and strawberry flower with pear steam.also wanted to stem.
I also wanted to point out that last week I somehow managed to forget my button on top of my post. No one noticed, but I feel a bit bad. To make up for it I'm reminding all my readers to give the button a little clicky and see all the other great muffin tins meals, and of course all the great post by the Muffin Tin Mom herself!



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