Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Part One: Green-afy your swiffer wet jet

I have been naughty. First that lovely pink spot in the picture above a huge chocolate cake with pink icing, I used 6 cups of sugar in that baby. But that cake is not why we are here, it is the plastic bottle you also see above. When I was pregnant my mother in law gifted me with a Swiffer Wet Jet. She had managed to end up with an extra one and thought it would be much safer then very pregnant Bethy bouncing all over the kitchen with very wet floors, a huge stick, and a belly full of Baby Blip fullness. She was probably right.

Of course we all know how I feel about waste and chemicals. We have banned paper products such as paper towels and even the thought of cleaning with tons of chemicals gives me hives. Homemade natural cleaners and rags for all. So what am I doing with a big plastic contraption that showers my floors with chemicals and goes through thick and wasteful pads like none other? Well that thing is easy, I will admit that I'm a cluts and mopping is kind of a death trap for me. Imagine me zooming around on what floors ad cracking my head, now throw a cruising baby in the mix. Then you also have the huge bucket of water to be wasted. Of course when you put in next to the huge amounts of water that it takes to make the pads and chemical filled bottles that excuse does not hold up! So there goes that excuse...

It left me in a predicament, I will usually happily go through the extra mile for a healthy and happy home and world. So  set out to find a way to keep my Swiffer Wet Jet and still not fill the landfills with waste and our home with chemicals.

If you are in the market for one I would suggest making it easy on yourself and going with  the rubbermaid reveal instead. It comes with a washable pad, refillable bottles, and does not take batteries. The horrible batteries is reason enough for me to want to make the switch. I hate them. But I have had the same batteries in my wet jet FOREVER and they are going strong, maybe when I finally need to replace that batteries I will simply sell my wet jet and spend the money I would have used on batteries toward the
rubbermaid.  Anyways on to the greener swiffer...

After tons of digging and trying many things I figured out that I can boil some water, dip the tip of the bottle in the water for a few seconds, then ask my strong husband to twist of the top. The hot water loosens it up. Then "TADA" , I just put my whatever homemade cleaner I want inside. For the record I basically use my all purpose spray and then add a bit of eucalyptus oil as well.

Next I will talk about the reusable pads!

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