Monday, May 9, 2011

Muffin Tin Mondays: Wonky Salad

May has brought us a farmers market full of greens. We filled our market bag up with lettuce and arugula this week. In celebration I thought I would dedicate this muffin tin to crisp lettuce. And with all the salad we have been having I know Blip will be excited about a bit of wonkyness.

Ok, so this one is not in a muffin tin, it is a plate and ramekin combo. I just have a love affair with salads and such in ramekins. They are so cute, crisp, and white...small enough for Blip, but still a nice size for when I want him to dig into a "big bowl" of leafy greens. They are just fun to have around! It is still a fun meal with a compartment, and that ever important creativity!

  • The stars and sticks are cut from red pear. I just used my star cookie cutter on them and sliced the leftover pieces. 
  • Crisp is a salad after all
  • Apple sauce as dressing, yea it sounds weird but Blip loves it! 
  • Dried cranberry's sprinkled on
  • The sticks reminded me of the center of flowers. They are long radishes that have been sliced into sticks. I just made tiny balls from herb goat cheese to stick on top! 

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    1. Looks yummy and very colorful! Nice meal!

    2. Fun lunch. I'll try applesauce as dressing for my picky eater. She doesn't like any salad dressing and won't eat salad greens - she loves applesauce - worth a try - thanks!

    3. I love the stars! Maybe some day I can get JDaniel to eat salad.



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