Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do not adjust your monitors! This blog has been dad-jacked!

Yes, yes, I'm sure all my wife's subscribers are looking at this wondering, "Gee, this is quite a style shift for her!" That's because this is her husband, stealing her blog while she is sleeping in on her first Mother's Day. Now, now, I know what you're thinking - why would he do that? Doesn't seem polite. And I'm sure my wife will murder me when she finds out. But this is why - it's to let her know what I think a great mother does. Right now, me and the son are making her breakfast. We're also making this blog to let her know what she has that makes her a great mom.

The great mom is nurturing and always puts others first. Even if its annoys her, makes her want to pull her hair out and generally makes her miserable, she still puts on the happy face and does what makes others make a happy face. She makes a lot of sacrifices for us - I don't think even she has any idea how much - and I know that if I made such sacrifices I would probably keel over and start twitching. Heck, I had to watch Raz a whole day a while back, taking on the stay-at-home mom role for a day and I felt more exhausted at the end of the day than I did from coming home from work! She is, simply put, family first, always and forever.

The great mom also knows when to put her foot down. You see, if you didn't realize it from what I'm doing this morning, stealing my wife's blog at all (thank you, stored passwords) I'm a little kooky. Thankfully, my wife is there to ground me whenever my ideas get a little bit zany. Should I use sea salt AND coarse salt in those tacos? No, sweetie, but they'll still be great. Maybe I should flip my newborn son upside down - he'd love it. No, sweetie, not a good idea. Lets buy us some more collectibles because I'm bored with the ones I have. And then I get the wonderful arms-crossed meal with extra raised eyebrow that puts me in my place. Her hard head is one of the reasons I married her. All in all, a good mom knows to stand her ground, no matter what anyone, blog-jacking fruitcake husband or no, tosses her way.

Lastly, the great mom is mother always. I know this doesn't make sense in text, but perhaps an explanation is in order. Some moms I see, while out and about, don't seem like they enjoy being a mother. But my wife is always mom. There are children next door unattended and her momma-sense goes off and she's there to supervise without instruction. There's a niece or nephew running about the house about to get themselves hurt or running towards the road and she's there to swoop down and save them from danger. And yes, even dad needs mom sometimes when he cuts himself, gets sick or has "such a hard day he just needs to relax baby because he was SO stressed." Oh, by the way, how was your day, sweetheart? She even can do it while all that is happening to her, because momma superior is bulletproof.

So, maybe you're married, maybe you're 50, maybe you have one arm, maybe you're a tribeswoman wearing her child in Africa (my wife approves of that, in case you didn't know), maybe you're eco-friendly, not so eco-friendly and maybe you're a new mom who's just terrified of what's to come, but take advice from a dad and a husband - stay strong, stay persistent and stay sweet, and all of us will love you, every day, not just the first Sunday in May.

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