Monday, April 25, 2011

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday: Treasure Basket

One of Blips favorite "stations" in our home right now is his treasure basket. Our treasure basket is a baby version of a sensory tub. Blip is fascinated with it!

Every Monday I fill his blue felt basket with new household items for him to explore at his leisure. It is really random, I just walk around the house and pick out items. I pay close attention that they are safe and try to choose things that bring verity to his basket, and maybe promote different things. We keep our basket in the living room. 

This week his basket has:
               Metal measuring cup
               A vile that is meant to store breastmilk (his favorite this week)
               A ring that is meant to go over the rims of a jar
               A big hair clip
               Jingle ball
               Silky piece of brown cloth
               Blue teether

He is free to have open ended fun however he chooses. Some days he simply dumps the basket out and others he empties it one object at a time.
Some days he just chews, others he really focuses on fitting the objects together or other fine motor skill.

It always amazes me what our babies can do! 

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