Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday: Brush our Teeth!

Every morning I hold Blip on my hip while I brush my teeth. I let him watch as I brush, brush,brush.

He likes looking in the mirror, and thinks it's funny to examine my tooth brushing up close. When he decided he wanted to grab the brush I re-gifted him a weird flossing handle my dentist gave me years ago.

So there we would be together, me brushing and Blip chewing.  I would then grab a soft cloth and clean his gums. He likes this.

I like to think we are staring a nice habit. Brushing our teeth together in the morning. I talk to him about what I'm doing, and show him how I move the brush. He thinks it is great fun.

Today was a big day for Blip, he got his first real toothbrush to brush his two new teeth! He thought this was the neatest thing!

To top it off we sing a little diddy that I make up on the fly.

Maybe it goes like this....
           "   We gotta br- br-brush your teeth
                   br - br- brush your teeth 
                       We always remember to brush our teeth
                            Up on top, and down on he bottom
                                  on your tongue so big and pink"
                                                 -Sung to the tune of Rockaway Beach by Ramones

Add this activity to your babies day everyday! It is both fun and healthy!

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