Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Contentment in the Garden

We joined our community garden recently! I think it has been one of the best things we could do for our little family. I never thought something as simple as a garden could make me content, but it does. We have made the decision to stay in our cute rented home and hold off a bit longer on buying.

It is worth it in the long run, we can get a bigger cushion. Be more comfortable not rushing into a home just for the sake of owning. I know my dream of owning an old home full of character, and room for urban backyard chickens and other self sustainable home improvements, will come true! I think I'm ok waiting for the right time.

For now I love our rented home. We get to make it ours. We are lucky to have a landlord who is ok with us painting, planting flowers, and being at home here.  And one thing is for sure, I can't imagine living anywhere but our beautiful urban jewelry box neighborhood. I need the culture, friends, and atmosphere I get here. Even if it's rough around the edges I can see my family being happy here forever. If staying here means I rent now, to buy a home here later, it is all worth it.

So how did our garden teach me this valuable lesson on patience and loving life now? 

I'll be honest, I'm not sure. All I know is that:

  • We take a walk every day to water the garden. We pass by our amazing friends and all the cool things we get to be apart of. I meet new people and Blip gets to experience lots of new things while we do it. In the end I feel I'm home and happy!
  • I wait patently as seeds sprout on our porch. I get to see that patience brings green! Then I get to take those new plants and put them in my little plot that is in a garden that a took a community working together to build. Then hopefully I will get veggies from that patience!                               
  •  I plant flowers in my front yard. It makes me feel our rental is a home, not just what we are stuck in. I take pride in our now home                                                                                                                                       
  • I enjoy the family time we spend gardening. We all 3 love it. Nothing better! 

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