Sunday, January 9, 2011

Products To Hug and Squeeze: Zaney Zoo by B. Toys

Sometimes you will find a toy that is totally magical, simple, and adorable all at once. If you have not discovered B. Toys go and make the discovery now! Go and visit your new friend B. Here and Here to!
I promise you will be in awe and revert back to a child again!

B. Toys can be found at Target. I was very surprised when we ran across these colorful toys in a big named store. Gus likes to geek out over Star Wars legos, hince why we were wondering through the toy aisles. But in all out truth we are very picky about the toys Blip plays with.

I like to know a toy will expand his environment and development, as well as be earth friendly and safe. Chemicals and toxins are a big NO. While these toys are made in China (I prefer USA made toys) they are designed in the USA. They also are lead or phthalate free which is my major concern with toys made overseas. On top of it all they seem to have a very nice setup and even talk about the human right of a good work environment for their overseas partners along with the environment the toys are in. I find it comforting how up front and informative they are about the issue.The outsourcing seems very beneficial and safe for all in this case. 

There is also a need for an honorable mention about the packaging. They have chosen to go without it when possible. The stuff they do have is made from recyclable material.  Not to mention cute! I used some of it to make Christmas ornaments even. Covered in colorful designs and adorable, happy, go-lucky kids quotes (made with soy inks) to make you smile. They have really got creative and made "self wrapping box's" that are reversible. Packaging and wrapping all in one. A few other toys are in reusable and biodegradable bags that are made from old sneakers and such. TO COOL!

This ornament is made from B. packaging. 

 Now that I've talked...errrr, I mean typed..... your ear off about all things crunchy, ON TO THE TOY!

We bought the Zany Zoo as Blips Christmas gift. HE loves it and can't get enough of it. The colors are so rich. I love that they went with a unique look that does not scream "BABY". It looks beautiful. The funny thing in my baby seems so much more drawn to these lovely images and colors! It is such a cute toy.

With three bead roller coasters, doors, pegs, letters, animals, zig zags, loppty loops, and more I can see this toy lasting a very long time! At this time he loves holding onto it to practice standing and spinning things.But it is defiantly great for toddlers and preschooler's as well.

This is a stout toy: the kittys jump on it, Blip chews on it and pulls on it, we move it everywhere. The end result: still as good as new. I can see it being passed on as an heirloom!

I even find Gus playing with it. Good old fashioned fun, with a twist. No lights or sounds, simple and perfect wood toy!

I can't wait to explore what else they have!

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