Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tradition Worth Starting

I recently came across this link that  I would like to share. Family Reading: ABookOnEveryBed.

I have been searching for fun ideas to spice up the holidays and bring tradition, fun, and values. I think this is just the thing! We are big book worms and I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough books. In fact I once told my best friend, who works in am amazing used bookstore, that I felt a home without books was not a home. I love overcrowded book shelves.

I love the idea of picking out a new book for each kid (or even adult) and wrapping it up to be found on the foot of the bed on Christmas, or chosen winter holiday, morning. Even though Blip is to young to get it I think we will start this year! I also like adding the tradition of later in the day cuddling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket to read the books aloud. We read aloud every day and it is a very special time.

Another great thing to add to this is to let your child pick out a book to give to a child in need. Maybe along with some needed items. I want Blip to love giving.

My personal favorite is older books. They have a aroma that I love and history. I'm a big fan of buying at used book stores or passing on well loved books through generations. Blip has some children books that were mine as as a kid, they still have where I wrote my name inside in red crayon. I treasure my old paper back copies of novels from school that have my notes in them to. I think passing on these treasures would also be nice. A well loved book to be loved again.

I urge everyone to adopt a version of this and spread the love for reading during the Holidays!

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