Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homemade Christmas: Tyler's Wooly Bag

My oldest niece just hit her teen years. She has grown into a beautiful and still adorable girl. She is bubbly and has such a sweet personality. I'm very proud of the girl she has become. And so I am her to show off her Christmas Present....

A wooly, slouchy, tote bag with matching bracelet!!!

I made this bag from a rescued sweater. I love the blue and gray stripes and how soft and cushy it is. I started off by cutting the sleeves off.  I put those aside to be made into longsies for Blip (pictures coming soon).

It is a simple design that you can play with. Simply cut the shape and size of the bag you want out of the sweater. Make sure to add a  bit for hemming.

You want to really focus and take your time on making a strong stitch. This is stretchy woven fabric that tends to unravel, you need to be careful to hem it well and sew it together using a sewing machine and you choice of strong stitching and thread. Notice I did not felt this, I really wanted that knitted look. If you take your time to make it strong it will not unravel and will be able to hold books even!

The strap is made from long pieces of the scrap. I hemmed them and then braided. Simply sew on.

The gems were hot glues on. I really love how this bag turned out and I hope she does to!

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