Monday, December 20, 2010

Homemade Christmas: Patchwork Scarf

I thought long and hard about what gift I wanted to make Gus for Christmas. I ended up with a pile of vintage pants and sweaters that we had bought him at a thrift store when we first got together. He was so cute in the burnt orange 1970's pants, Argyle sweater, and plaid wool trousers. Thanks to my cooking, which Gus claims is out of this world (kiss up), these clothes no longer fit. We had lots of memory's in these though so I sat there determined to reuse the fabric.

I considered a quilt for a second along with couch pillows....because I'm sure that is just what my husband wants for Christmas, home decor. Yea that would be sarcasm, don't get used to it. I finally decided on a quilted scarf. Something a bit messy and homemade looking to match his laid back and quirky style.

So I took scissors to his adored clothes. I soon had a pile of random squares and rectangles scattered all over the living room. I choose bright green thread to contrast with the browns and oranges. I love it when thread stands out! I rarely match thread to fabric. I basically used a straight stitch to sew random pieces together into a long garland of fabric patches. Remember this is supposed to be a messy scarf. The mistakes give it quirk!
This shows you the fabric tags you get where two pieces of fabric meet at a seam.

I then took scissors and trimed the "fabric tags". I also trimmed the scarf to a width I liked. I finished the outer edges by hand sewing them. I had a craft night with some mom friends and it made for a perfect project!

The final step was to let Blip model it and cut off long strands. Hopefully Gus loves it.

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