Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Christmas: Beaded Cuff Braclet

Remember that sweater I made my nieces purse out of? Remember how I said I also made Blip some longsies from the sleeves? Well I also used on of the cuffs to make my best friend a hand beaded cuff bracelet! How is that for using your resources!

My best friend is a big coffee and tea drinker and enjoys wearing lots of pretty and interesting things. I had the idea of a soft beaded cuff that she could also slip on a cup of to go coffee from the coffee house! It would be pretty and would mark the cup as hers. I think I'm a genius!

This project is very self explanatory. I started off y threading some pretty colored thread with a needle and knotting it at the end. I used this thread and needle to sew on a beautiful wire flower I found. I then simply sewed a mixture of tiny jeweled and pearl beads into a beautiful way pattern. Hand beading is very relaxing and beautiful. Finish off by using a sewing machine and coordinating thread to sew a zig zag stitch to hem the side of the cuff that you cut. I choose lime green thread for everything since green is my best friend's favorite color and it looked great with the other colors. I enjoy using thread that pops and shows.

A cute little gift made with love!

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