Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trash to Treasure: Step Chair

I'll admit that I love finding great trash.
It gives me a thrill to be able to re purpose and create something beautiful from things others don't see light in.
A plus that it is free and used so we are not making a new foot print on the earth for the treasure!
And you can not deny the time and love that goes into these creations.

 We found this Cosco Step Chair by complete chance.I have always wanted one thinking it would be perfect for a kid to sit on while making cookies with mom. I have seen them new at Target, but really loved the vintage ones at the antique mall. A tiny bit of rust can give character! Anyways, we were coming home from a wonderful date that Gus and I have when the headlights hit our new found treasure! So into the back of our van it goes and on our porch it sits for a week or two. 

Blip watching his daddy clean the chair

We finally got to it and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. We started off by cleaning it. We got the water hose after it, followed by detailing with an old towel and our all purpose spray. Gus got hard core and used a rough scrubber to really get at it. The metal still has a tiny bit of rust, but I think it gives character. We left the bottom metal part silver and white. Once the grime was off it looked really good and I liked the white metal. 

The seat was the part that needed a total makeover. 

We tore off the cushions and deconstructed them. Then using our trusty secret weapon X of choice... the hot glue gun....we recovered the plastic cushion forms. They popped back in fairly easy with help of new screws.

The fabric was from a shawl I bought on sale at Target before blip was even born. I had the idea I would use it as a nursing cover, but it never got used in the grand scheme of things. I decided that breastfeeding was an event that warranted no cover. But that is a different story that may come with a small rant full of breastfeeding rights!

We also painted the seat a pretty blue. We used up the last bit of paint in a can we had used on some shelves for the kitchen. We ended up not spending any extra money on the project at all! It was all stuff we had in our home already.

Close up of the fabric. I love it and still have some left! 


Defiantly a treasure!


  1. This is SO cool! Love when good finds turn into great new faves! PS- I found your blog on NPN, and am following. Would you do me the favor of following mine as well? www.UpDownAndNatural.com



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