Monday, November 22, 2010

Lovely Unique Toys for your little one.... Textiles to touch

For the second Monday in a row I'm bringing you some unique toys for your little one. This week includes toys with amazing textiles to touch. I think fabrics of different textures can provide a nice experience 
  which is why the following is on my list for wants for Blip.

Balls are a childhood favorite that lasts from babyhood and up past preschool. I love the Regal Baby Ball from Regal Cottage on Etsy. We are in love with the Pirate Party print, but they are all cute. These are very Eco Friendly and made with fluffy white vintage chenille along with some prited fabric. I imagine it being squishy and soft with lots of texture. It is filled with hypoallergenic poly-fil. They offer them in different sizes as well. I think it would be fun to put a bowl of these on the coffee table. Decoration AND a toy, all in one! Great for teaching fine motor skills.

Made with pure Merino wool from South Africa this Lion would be awesome for texture play! He has been filled with pure Merino fleece and has a mane of fluffy faux fiber yarn...perfect for stroking. I also love the name of the store, mamma4earth on Etsy. All her creations are made from handspun and hand dyed wool! And as always you gotta love supporting a mom with four kids of her own. This Lion is fun for a snuggle and imaginative play. I want it for Blips nature corner!


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