Friday, November 12, 2010

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday: I think we are gonna be friends...

People who have known me for a long time would never believe it, but I'm shy. I'm the type of girl who always has something funny and weird to say.... IF I have known you forever. But when I meet new people I clam up. I have friends that have been with forever, and will always hold dear (some pictured above). They have been with me every step of the way. I need these people in my life. We are a group of people who all ended up taking different paths, it keeps things interesting... they give me variety and a love that comes from aged friendship.

But both my husband and I are wanting to add some new friends. I am in need of mom friends I suppose. Variety is the spice of life and I need the old to talk about comics and memories and new to chat about family life and current events.    How is that for an activity?

Go find yourself lots of diffrent Friends

So I started the journey. And let me tell you it is a bit harder then I thought making friends as an adult with a kid! But thanks to a wonderful new family group that was started in my neighborhood I think I'm a little closer to surrounding my self with an interesting array of friends.  We meet every Monday for an hour long walk. With the hope of adding more meetups and the fact we all live in one neiborhood it is making my life a little richer!

I highly recommend finding a meetup group to any Stay at Home Mom. Regular meetups give you something to look forward to and help prevent the treaded cabin fever.  Also they can lead to great friendships. I look forward to our Monday morning walk. I get fresh air, Blip usally naps while we walk, and I get adult conversations. Also I have met seasoned moms who have amazing lessons to teach to a new mom like me!

It also has opened me up. I am always worried my shyness comes off as rude. But these meet ups have got me, as an adult, used to making friends again. I now am finding myself looking for more places to meet friends. I especially love the idea of Gus and I making friends with other couples who have kids for Blip to one day be friends with.

A nice site to help a mom find friends

I also have enjoyed recent conversations with an older neighbor who has raised a beautiful family and now has grandkids and a wonderful garden. She is very interesting and I enjoy our impromtu chats. These are a big step for me.

It is my goal to become a person that surrounda herself with an array of friends and to teach Blip all the values and love good friendships can share!

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