Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Family Goal: A family meal a day! (Simple cute breakfast)

Gus is a retail manager therefor he does not have the ideal schedule. Some days he leaves early in the morning and gets home around 6:00 PM and some days he does not leave till 12:00 NOON and gets home around 10:00 PM. This means we have a slight split schedule depending on the day. One of the things that means a lot to our family is to have a family dinner everyday. Since Blip has not started eating any food yet or sitting in a high chair at the table with us it has not been really implemented much. We eat dinner together every night, but sometimes it is super late. I don't make homemade breakfast as much as I used to before Blip.

But Blip is growing fast and it will soon be time for us to all have a great family meal together a day. Our compromise is to eat breakfast together on days Gus closes and dinner together on days he opens. And of course both on days he is off for the most part! We are planning on doing baby led weaning (AKA BLW) when the time comes so we want to have him able to enjoy the family meal all together at least once a day.This may even lead to romantic dinners for two on the days Gus closes if Blip is in bed !

So this morning we started the process of a really good family meal once a day. Gus cloused today so we did our usaul morning routine of breastfeeding Blip in bed followed by play time in bed. When we got up Gus took Blip and got him dressed for the day and played with him while I made breakfast. I really enjoyed the time in the kitchen by myself along with the hot family breakfast.

I made a simple meal of stove top oatmeal and toast. I wanted to spice it up a bit so I decided to keep it simple by cutting the toast into cute sticks and melt some butter to brush onto them. I then sprikled some sugar and cinnamon on top. I used the left over butter in the oatmeal and added the same brown sugar in cinnamon to spice up the oatmeal. Very easy but cute! I think Blip will also appreciate stuff like this one day to!

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