Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Detergent

My name is Bethy and I have a confession...I have been abusing my cloth diapers. But I promise that I have learned my lesson. After Blips diapers became a stinky mess I knew it was time to change up the wash routine and turn the stinky cloth into cute colorful bundles of fresh smelling diapers. My first cloth diaper sin, I used Mrs. Meyers Detergent on my diapers. I guess I did not think much about it at first, I knew it was better then some store bought detergents, it smells great, we got it on sale (thank goodness, it's to expensive to indulge in otherwise), and it seems a bit more natural then some. I later found out through a VERY helpful chart that Mrs.Meyers an average detergent that is not great for your cloth even though I love it for regular clothes. Well that explains a lot.

I did a bunch of reserch and found tons of great cloth detergants online aswell as a mix that a bunch of pepole had great success with. I decided to try making my own mix and so far I love it! 

I found out it came from this amazing Blog!

This simple detergent is super easy to make and only takes minutes to throw together.
Simply mix 1 cup Borax , 1 Cup washing Soda,  and 1/2 Cup of OxiClean in a container. Add one Tbsp to  each wash. I put it straight in with the diapers during the main long cycle.

Use this as a chance to recycle.  Use a clean jar from Jelly or Apple Sauce to store the mix. I used a tin container that I had laying around. For the scoop you could use an old Tbsp or one of the scoops that come in things like formula or some drink mix's. Just mark with a marker where the tablespoon line is.

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