Friday, August 20, 2010

Funny Fantastical Activity Friday : Noisy Fun

It was apparent from day one that Blip was going to be a little pin ball wizard! He is already so active and with him just about to reach 3 months I know we are in for a fun and crazy life. We quickly learned that babies are as different as the adults who raise them. Some are quite and reserved while some active with a need for high energy, some like load noise and music while others crave quite tinkling sounds or maybe no sound at all. Some get easily over stimulated while some are in constant need of that extra stimulation. The best thing you can do is learn your kids style and follow suit!

So I present Funny Fantastic Activity Fridays! I hope to share one of the fun, funny, age approprate activitys that we do a week.

We have been playing  Blip music since he was in the womb. My  husband is a musician and we have tons of different instruments and do-dads (Boom Whackers Anyone) that make noise. Let me tell you....that kid LOVES noise. He sleeps best with tons of noise in the background so we started turning on his radio to classic music during naps. During play if we are not singing songs we tend to have his fun play list playing. If he is throwing a fit music usually stops it in its track.

This brings us to this weeks activity....*Drum Roll Please*... Make Noise With Your Baby!!!

  If you have actual instruments GREAT...if not use a fork on the side of the crib or blow over a water filled bottle. Have fun and be creative. Take time to explain to baby about the diffrent noises.

The cool thing about this activity is it really grows with your baby. If you have a toddler they could even make the noises with you. Raz just enjoys listening at almost 3 months. He will also look toward the sound which is a fun development to play with.

Very important, as always, is to listen to your little ones cues. If they don't respond well don't push it. Also be carful to not blast little ears with to load noises or make thier ears ring with a noise to high pitched!

Happy Noise MAKING!!!

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