Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corset Reconstruction and OH MY Tea Staining

Only I would turn granola tea staining into a project that makes you go  OH LA LA!!!

I have a weakness for frilly corsets. I could drool over the expensive creations on Etsy for days on end, longing to strap myself into the magnificent contraption and pull the strings so tight that every hope for breathing is lost. I want to run my hands over it and feel silk and then rough lace and velvety ribbons...YUM!!  Beautiful vintage corsets deconstructed into perfect girly torture devices. When I was younger I actually sewed myself a beautiful ball gown and wore it with a corset to prom...but alas I'm a mom now and I need to breath and spit up stains and silk are not a match made in heaven therefor I have no excuses to buy one of the prettys even if I could part with the funds. 

BUT with my husbands birthday coming up and My Baby Blip getting the honor of spending the day with his grandma on said occasion I knew a beautiful corset was in order for much needed...ummm...tender time. I'll spare you on saying much more and instead move on to that vintage frilly corset. 

Like I said, even if I could part with the money, which I can not, it's pointless for me to spend much on something that will rarely be worn. Luckily I have in my possession a simple white corset that a friend gave me. Instead of vintage it's probally from Fredricks of Hollywood and instead of metal boning it has plastic, but I think in the end I will be gratful for this. This white corset can be remade into a beautiful piece that my husband will love! 

I am wearing said corset with thigh high stripey stockings of deep purple and lilac and lacy accents. I crave that romantic and quirky look and I'm afraid white shiny fabric just does not do it for me in this case so I made it hard on myself...I decided to tea stain it cream. 

A word about tea staining: it works best on natural fabric such as cotton, linen, real silk, and wools. I have a strong filling that the corset was not real silk and therefor was not "ideal" persay. Luckily I just wanted to knock the garish white down a notch and turn it into a cream since I don't think it would have been able to sock in for a much deeper.

Step One: Fill up sink with water and soak the garment.

Step Two: Choose you tea: regular black tea gives you the cream while herbal teas could get purple and red-ish hues. I used Luzianne Tea.

Step 3: Brew your tea as normal. You want to use enough water to submerge your garment.

Step 4: You can pour your tea into the sink or a big bucket to soak the garment in. My sink tends to slowly release the fluid and I knew that by the 30 minute mark all the tea would be down the drain so I used a big bucket.

Step 5: Ring out your garment and place into tea and let soak. Make sure to check ofter so you he color you get the desired color. TIP: Let the garment get one shade darker since it will lighten once it drys.

Step 5: Use a mild soap (I used Mrs. Meyers dish soap since it's what I had) to wash out tea and then rinse well and let dry. You could use your dryer but you will need to clean it out after so you don't get tea on the next load. I chose to line dry.

Step 6: If the color turns out right you can submerge the fabric into a water solution with a few tablespoons of vinegar to set color! 

Unfortunately my camera turns the now cream corset white in pictures. Boo! I plan to trim corset with pretty lace trim and ribbons !

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