Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tot School Tuesday : Color Blocks, Exploring Tubberwear, Spinners, Sorting, Exploring Flowers, Smelling Salts

Hall Shelf

This week we focused on colors! The top shelf has a book accompanied by a bowl that has colorful wood blocks. One block for each color in the book: Red, yellow, blue, green, and orange.

The bottom shelf has two tupperware containers with lids. I choose a smaller one and a slightly bigger one so they can nest. We did so much with these: nested them, practiced opening them, put lids back on, put blocks in them, put a button in each to shake, stacked them, threw them, rolled them! He had so much fun with these little lidded bowls. The best part, we all have them!

Blip did such a great job stacking the blocks! He also liked sitting the blocks in the ramekin while I told him the color of each one as they went in the bowl. Ours are all sorts of different shapes which adds to the fun. 


 I found this silly book in a back closet, it has a spinner on it. I showed Blip how to spin, he practiced while I cleaned up the lunch mess, hence the messy baby!  

 Not the best picture, our living room has horrible lighting...but this is way to cute! Gus was cleaning out our DVD drawer and Blip decided to help. He stood up next to Gus and pulled the DVD's out one by one to look at them. After he started throwing them back in. They had a lot of fun with it.
 We had tons of rain this week, Blip was getting cranky being inside all day. When we had a sunny day Blip, the cats, and I all went outside to play in the sun all afternoon. Blip was really fascinated with the pots of purple flowers near our side walk. Tribble hid in the flowers while Blip "hunted" her.

 I know, my kid never has a shirt on...he hates putting clothes on. But this time we have a purpose, I think it is good for him to sometimes feel the cool air and warm sun against his skin! I let him pick a flower and we explored it up close together. It is amazing how his fine moter skills are developing so fast, he actuary picked it without crushing it! 
We chilled together for a bit in silence, just enjoying the air. Then I pointed out nearby things like cars and the grass before going in 

Blip really enjoyed all the smells. Except we have been cup training and so a few times he wanted to drink the spices. All in all though he did great sniffing! 
He is also wanting to hand you everything now! He thinks it is so funny when you take things he is handing you! 

 The tray we used is actually a lazy-susan that spins, once Blip figured that out he forgot all about the spices and moved on to spinning the tray. We added my phone to the tray so he could watch it go in circles when he spun the tray.


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