Thursday, May 12, 2011

TOT SCHOOL Thursday: Big Little, sorting Rings, Tossing Blocks, and Stair Crawling

This week on our hall shelf we explored the concept of BIG and LITTLE with help from yarn balls. We were inspired by  this book , which we read a few times a day since Blip really enjoys sitting in my lap and looking at pictures over and over! We also played with both balls and had a blast comparing them and rolling them around.

The bottom shelf has 2 bowls of rings. I showed blip how to transfer them from one bowl to another, he did great at this. Soon h decided it was much more fun to dump them out and play with the bowls and toss the rings around!

Blip has also found out that stairs are fun to climb! These are usually off limits and blocked off, but we are working on getting down safely. The stairs are a great place for us to practice going down feet first. We have also been practicing on our bed and the couch. Lesson learned: feet first is better then head first!


On Wednesday I pulled out Raz's "mad scientist" blocks while I folded diapers. He ended up tossing the blocks in the basket with the folded diapers. I thought this was very creative so I joined in. Soon he got tired of the game and swiped a few of the clean folded diapers from the basket to play with. Just goes to show that I can spend tons of time making elaborate games up, but sometimes the simple on the fly games are the best! 

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