Monday, May 16, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Hooray for Fish!

 Hooray for Fish!!!

Blip has recently fell in love with fish. I tgink this love affair with these shiney and scaley creatures came from watching the fish at his Mimi's house swim in her huge aquarium. We even took him to the Dallas World Aquarium last month to see the sharks and exotic fish! He will watch, point, giggle, and track with his eyes. You also have to be careful to not let him beat on the glass.

Fish are just fun for little ones. Maybe it is time for Blip to have his own tiny fish bowl, I'm sure the cats would have a ball with that.

This week we checked out Hooray For Fish from the library, a very colorful book about...well fish, hence all my ramblings about fish today.  Shall we count how many times I have "said" fish?

 Anyways, our library pick of the week inspired our weekly muffin tin lunch!

I choose my mini muffin tin with tiny compartmnets this week.

((Left to right, starting at bottom row))
  • Sour creme waves tinted blue (er, with nasty blue food coloring...eek)
  • Big fish quisidilla with sour cream and dried cranberry eyes
  • Radish greens sprinkled with olive oil and pepper to mimic seaweed.
  • "Grape Octopus" swimming in applesauce! I used kitchen scissors to cut the bottom of the grape into 8 tentacles with tiny tiny granola eyes.
  • Chopped radishes
  • "Sand dollars" made from puffed kamut in applesauce
  • Orange bell pepper fish with sour creme and caper eyes.
Raz went crazy over this muffin tin. My kiddo is odd, he ate up the radishes and greens before the applesauce. The only thing he really did not love was the pepper fish, he decided to feed that to me! I think he likes his bellpeppers cooked, otherwise they are too crunchy for a little guy with only a few teeth.


  1. This is VERY creative, what a great ocean lunch!!

  2. Really cute lunch! I like how you turned the tortilla into a fish :)

  3. I love your theme and it turned out so cute!

  4. This is super cute! I love your fish! JDaniel won't go near greens!

  5. Love the big fish!! What a great tin!





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