Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lesson in Slowing Time

Welcome to the January Carnival of Natural Parenting: Learning from children

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I have lost track of the minutes as I watch Blip nurse. His tiny hands are cupped around my breast. Every once in awhile they search out my face or hand. He loves to stroke. His shut eyes occasionally flutter open to look up into mine with a look that I can only describe as blissful, drowsy, and in love.

Teens are at parties,adults are finishing deadlines, people are braking world records, and my baby is in blissful ignorance. As far as he is concerned the only things that exists are me, him, and my milk. He falls asleep curled up next to me. Every once in awhile his lips twitch or he lets out a sleep noise.

I watch as he breaths deeply and enjoy his warm body and the soft pillows underneath my head. I don't rush off to watch TV or clean. I just be. I lay by my baby and watch him sleep.

My baby is getting older and I watch as our days become more active. He now wants to watch the cat play, eat some broccoli, and go on an adventure in his wrap. He wants to see and hear things. He wants to sit up and learn how to scoot. He has even been trying to pull up, it is all to soon and going to fast. But,even so, sometimes he slows down and simply enjoys just being.

Blip has taught me a valuable lesson. That the simple things are worth cherishing and sometimes it's ok to just be and live in the moment. Life is all about the small things that happen every day. Slow down and enjoy them.

Take a break from washing dishes to watch as you child and husband play. See how they laugh and partake in secret games.

Pause to marvel at the sunset. It is beautiful how the sky can take on the color of a blood orange!

Cherish every smile your baby gives you. They grow to fast and one day will move away and take the morning smiles with them.

Indulge in some fresh lemonade and relish every drop.

Feel free to hold hands with your husband and fall in love all over again on a car tip to the store.

A little reminder to how special your life is brought to you by your baby.

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  1. That was gorgeous. You've made me so excited for this next baby! :) But, taking your message to heart, I will try to focus in on what is happening in the now. The beauty right around me. Thank you!

  2. Oh how I miss those days :) The closest I think we come now is when I'm snuggled up next to my newly 3yr old for his (infrequent) nap or bedtime. Drink those moments in!!
    Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

  3. Oh! So beautiful. I entirely relate to the awesome moments in nursing. Such a lovely post, thank you so much for the reminder.

  4. this is beautiful and has my ovaries in a spin! my daughter is now nine and we still have special moments, but they are different moments; not the hands around breast ones that stop everything in its tracks. Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane

  5. What a wonderful post! It is so important to remember to appreciate all of those small moments. We too often forget.

  6. I liked the part about stop washing the dishes!! ;-) I sometimes tend to get myself in a frantic every now and again over a messy house. I don't want to miss all the great stuff because they just grow too fast!

  7. This part made me smile -- "As far as he is concerned the only things that exist are me, him, and my milk." So true! I remember the blissed-out milky smiles when mine were little!


  8. Beautiful post, and beautiful pictures too. Thanks for the little reminders – all so true. Time really does fly by, and we should remember that by relishing every moment in the here and now.

  9. Beautiful, warm and tender--exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely glimpse of your family! <3

  10. I really love this post...beautiful. it is wonderful to watch our babies grow but there really is something enchanting about those first few months...




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